Wednesday 7/22/20

Wednesday 7/22/20

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that all results received back from the COVID testing this week so far have been negative. Assuming that they all come back negative we can begin to reopen our operation with many limitations.

We are planning to restart window visits on 7/27 and begin outdoor visits on 8/3, dependent of course on results of testing conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week. We are working on plans to slowly reopen some communal dining (with limitations assuring all residents are 6 feet across) as well. We also are working on restarting some group activities (again with numerous limitations).

Thanks to the Activities Department for bagging up all of the lovely chocolate donated to us by Lindt. Lindt wanted to say thanks to all of the amazing employees here that are so brave and are providing such incredible care to all of our residents and clients.

The next payment for the LTC stipend program from the State is going to occur on a miscellaneous pay run on 7/23. Payment will be made for weeks ending 6/20, 6/27 and 7/4.

PPE Update:

We have a strong amount of PPE at this time. We are always on the look out to build our supplies and be in the best position for the future.

Thanks to everyone for your continued hard work to keep us COVID free and take the very best and safest care of all of our residents and clients.


Steve and Tiffany