Tuesday 4/14/20

Hello Everyone!

We currently do not have any Covid positive staff, residents or clients here at RCRNC and Ernest P. Barka assisted living which is phenomenal and a testament to everyone’s hard work. We need to stay focused with all of our infection control practices.

Please remember that we need to ensure that all residents/clients have their temperature recorded each shift. This is essential for keeping everyone safe and implementing early interventions in case someone was ill.

PPE Update

On Saturday, So Clean from Peterborough, N.H. dropped off 2000 surgical masks and 200 K95 masks. We obtained 100 cloth masks from Jo-Ann fabrics in Hooksett. It is imperative that we have the cloth masks returned at the end of each shift to ensure there is enough for everyone. We will need to start having the residents/clients wear cloth masks, as well, to best protect everyone. We are working diligently to secure more cloth masks from our community.

The policy and procedure manual for Covid is updated. Please see the nursing supervisor office for this important information. Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and focus during this challenging time.

Steve and Tiffany