Thursday August 20, 2020

Thursday August 20, 2020

First, let’s start by saying THANK YOU! During this challenging time, the dedication and commitment you show to RCNC, your residents, and to our/your county is commendable.

We wanted to send an update on the current COVID-19 status. As many of you are aware, we were informed that one individual who had been in our facility tested positive for COVID-19.  Upon gaining the necessary information, we immedicably reached out to the NH DHHS for further guidance.  We were informed this is not considered a cluster or outbreak at this time, and they commended our efforts for on-going, good source control, stating that this entire scenario, based on the information provided, is of low-risk, though does still bear watching.  Thank you!

Any individuals who have been exposed or potentially exposed have already been contacted and the unit has been quarantined.  Please be mindful of the additional work placed on this unit and the need to provide additional resources, as able. We will do our best to limit staff (same staff). Staff have been educated on donning and doffing PPE. If at any time, you feel additional education is needed, please reach out to your assigned leadership member.

Food services has met with the manager and Covid team and has a plan and process in place for meal deliveries. Environmental Serves / Housekeeping has met as well with the manager and team and has a plan and process in place for enhanced cleaning, trash removal, and disinfection.

Activities have been altered to ensure the safety of all residents. Units not impacted directly will continue with activates on their units. Doors between units will return to closed status. Snack bar will be suspended at this time. Activities on all other units may continue, with the following guidelines: 

  • No mixing of residents from different units during communal activities
    • Residents must don masks and socially distance at least 6’ during activities
  • Communal dining may resume tomorrow (was halted today until all info was obtained and a plan was made) under the following conditions:
    • Residents must don a mask coming out to the dining room
    • Mask removed and placed on clean paper towel during eating.  Once done eating, resident must don mask again.
    • Tables MUST, MUST, MUST be disinfected after each resident is finished eating.  This is very important!
    • Staff dining – only 1 person per table

Resident visits (all) are placed on hold, through 8/31 (anticipated), in the best interest of all of those in our care. This is never an easy decision, but we have an obligation to all our resident’s safety and feel it is in their best interest at this time.  In light of this, the parking spots for resident visits may be temperately be used by staff.

Regular Sentinel Surveillance testing will continue as normal on Friday, 8/21/20.  It will be with anterior nares swabs, NOT the deep nasopharyngeal swabs.  Please help spread the word so that staff show up and get tested!!  Thanks to Sarah, Tamara and Stacy for helping to test on Friday! The entire resident population, on the unit potential directly impacted, will be tested with nasopharyngeal swabs by a mobile testing service that should be contacting me very soon.  Hoping for a Friday testing date.  From there, the CDC guidance is that the D2 residents will be tested every 7 days until they determine this is no longer needed. In addition, we continue with 10% of the remaining residents in the facility will still be tested Friday.

We will need to increase our COVID screening of all facility residents to every shift.  This is starting effective today, 3-11 shift and the supervisor has been made aware. BPs are only one needed time a day.  All other VS should be Q-shift.

Please help remind your staff that while we cannot enforce or monitor mask usage outside of the facility, we encourage all to wear masks when in public and to practice good hand hygiene.  This is to protect the vulnerable population we serve, our staff, and the community at large.

All residents/responsible parties will be receiving letters and Human Resources is working on another letter to staff.

If you have any concerns about your own health, as a reminder, to not come in if sick and reach out to Occupational Health early for guidance. Ext 9118.

Everyone is doing an amazing job working together on this for the well-being of the residents and staff.  We are proud to be on this team with you all!