September 22, 2020

September 22, 2020

Thank you for your continued work and dedication to our residents!

Important updates but as a reminder, all are subject to change in a moment’s notice and based on current CDC/state guidelines.

Covid: We continue to be in outbreak status as identified by state/DPH guidelines. We will be having 2nd round of outbreak testing of resident and staff testing this Thursday 10am—2pm.Once we have no positives for a period of 2-rounds of testing, the state will let us know when we are out of outbreak status.

CMS (our federal governing body) has now mandated testing for 100% staff and residents when in outbreak status. There is a brand-new policy approved regarding mandatory testing and sequel to those who refuse to be tests. Please see the new policy and memos posted. It is the hope of CMS this new mandate will better safeguard our residents.

Sentinel Covid surveillance testing will start up again once out of outbreak stats and staff are not required but highly encouraged to be tested at that time.

New Hampshire remains a 14-day quarantine state so be mindful of the travel policy.

Dress down (ok to wear jeans) Wednesday’s in September 9/23 (welcome fall); 9/30 (Rockingham Pride Day- wear your shirt)

Flu Clinics start this week- please make every effort to get your vaccine. If you can not make a influenza clinic please reach out to Occupational health to set-up a time for your vaccine. If you opt to have at at your local pharmacy, please provide a copy of your vaccine to Occupational health so we can best track staff testing- this will help in the event of an outbreak.

While we can’t mandate wearing a mask when staff are not working, we strongly encourage you to follow the CDC and state guidelines. We have seen an uptick in cases with schools opening so please take extra precautions to maintain social distance, wear a mask, good hand washing. This protects you and our residents.

This is a challenging time and you are an amazing team. We have risen to the challenge and will continue to do so, together! Thank you for everything you do!