October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020

As you are all aware, New Hampshire continues to have a significant nursing and LNA staffing crisis. To provide the best care for our residents, the decision has been made to close a unit. This was done early last year and did reopen a few months later. Residents and responsible parties are being notified this morning. After examination and review, B1B has been selected as the unit to close. It is important to note NO ONE is losing their job! This closure will provide us the opportunity to move staff around in a way that is consistent with our high quality of care, which is and always should be our priority. This will start to occur later next week, with many moving parts and hoped will be completed within a 2-3-week timeframe. This gives us the opportunity to move some LNAs and nurses to other areas to best care for our residents. Residents and families are being notified this am. Department Heads, managers, and supervisors were notified as well, and will be sharing this information with staff.

Covid Update: we continue with surveillance testing, as directed by Department of Health and Human Services. This includes testing 10% of our staff each of 3-weeks/month and 100% of staff the 4th week/month. In the event a positive result is reported, we will revert to mandatory testing each week, as determined but the Department of Health and Human Services. We continue to be n Phase 1-reopenig. Phases are driven by % of positivity within a county. Based on this, the state may move us up or down in the reopening process. This is always subject to change.

New Hampshire continues to have a 14-day quarantine travel requirement so be mindful of your travel, especially with holidays fast approaching.

Our new pharmacy, Partner’s Pharmacy, was implemented October 1st.This was extremely successful. This included acquisition of new medication carts, an automated dispensing machine, and associated lap top technology.

Dress down (ok to wear jeans) Wednesday’s in October if fall colors accompany jeans.

Infection prevention: Residents and staff have started to receive their influenza vaccines. As a reminder, while we can’t mandate anyone to wear a mask when they are not working, we strongly encourage all to follow the CDC and state guidelines. We have started to see an increased number of cases in New Hampshire and Rockingham County. We ask that everyone take extra precautions to maintain social distance, wear a mask, good hand washing. This protects you and our residents.

This is a challenging time and we have an amazing team who has risen to the challenge. We thank them and you for your understanding as we continue to move through this pandemic ad all it brings with it.