October 13, 2020

October 13, 2020

Dear Residents/Family Members/Responsible Parties:

We are writing to provide you an update about the current state of Coronavirus Disease (COVID- 19) at Rockingham County Nursing Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. We are extremely happy to report that National Guard testing last week yielded no positive results. After discussion with the state this morning, they have agreed to take us out of outbreak status.  

Being out of outbreak means we can reopen to prescheduled visits. These visits will be coordinated through Social Services. With infection control measures in place such as mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene, and increased cleaning and disinfection, residents are free to move above the building on their home level. The snack bar will reopen, and communal limited dining can resume. We hope to resume other services, as we move forward as we work through the guidelines to determine what is best for our residents, based on these guidelines.  This may include hairdressing, dermatology, and podiatry.

We continue to screen anyone who enter the buildings. Regardless of where we are in the Covid-19 crisis, we follow all state, federal and Center for Disease Control guidelines regarding precautions and disinfection. In the event, we do have a positive, during our continued testing, we have the possibility of returning to outbreak status; of course, we are hoping that doesn’t happen!

It is because of our dedicated staff, who work hard every day to safeguard your loved ones and your unwavering support in keeping your loved ones safe, that we have managed to only have one resident test positive, very early on in this pandemic. We appreciate and thank you for your understanding of these inconveniences caused by Covid-19. Protecting your loved one continues to be our ultimate responsibility.

Finally, as a reminder, additional information please visit our Blog which is updated every couple of weeks, or so.  It is located at: www.RockinghamCountyLTCnews.org