November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

Rockingham County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center(RCRNC)continues with Covid-19 surveillance testing, as directed by our regulatory agencies. This includes testing 10% of our staff each of 3-weeks/month and 100% of staff the 4th week/month. In the event a positive result is reported, we will revert to mandatory testing each week, as determined by regulatory agencies. We continue to be in Phase 1-reopenig. Phases are driven by % of positivity within a county. Based on this, the state may move us up or down in the reopening process.

Rockingham County, along with many other NH counties, continue to have increasing positivity rates. The current rate in Rockingham County is slightly above 5% which may necessitate increased testing. This will be determined by state guidelines. When a county reaches 10% positivity rate, indoor visits stop. A way to reduce this rate and wear masks at all times when you are out of doors and anytime you are with anyone who dos does not live in your home. With the holidays upon us, as much as we want to see our extended families and friends, guidelines from the state indicate we should only have small numbers and only those who live in the home.

New Hampshire continues to have a 14-day quarantine travel requirement so be mindful of your travel, especially with holidays fast approaching. There is a new recommendation that you can ‘test-out’ of a travel quarantine, if you get a PCR (not antigen) Covid test on day 7-or later and the results are negative.

New Hampshire continues to have a staffing crisis and it is exacerbated with many staff in various counties being tested as positive.  We continue to do everything we can to mitigate our staffing crunch, as you know, this included recently closing of a unit. We have recently offered LNAs a bonus, if they change from day shift to evening shit for a one-month period to help with evening issues. We continue to move forward in a search for a new Administrator and Director of Nursing.

This is a challenging time and we have an amazing team at RCRNC. All employees, in all departments, have risen to the challenge. We can’t thank them enough and you, for understanding that we do all that we do to protect your loved ones, our staff, and the community.