Friday 7/17/20

Friday 7/17/20

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder COVID testing continues on Monday July 20th and Tuesday July 21st. Resident testing will be on Monday and staff testing will be on Tuesday. To our valued staff members please make every effort to come to the Hilton and be tested. This is to continue to keep our residents, clients, and staff healthy and safe.

All of the residents/clients who were COVID tested on Monday July 13th have resulted negative. All of the staff results from the Monday COVID testing that we have received have been negative as well.

PPE Update:

Today we received a large amount of PPE from the Emergency Services Unit at the State. Several cases of disposable gowns, masks and gloves were brought to our facility. We continue to monitor our PPE closely.

Rockingham Strong shirts are in! They are being distributed throughout the facility to all staff. Please join us in celebrating our great team on Wednesday 7/22 and Sunday 7/26 by wearing your shirt and dressing down if you would like.

Special thanks to the team of Driscoll 2 who worked tirelessly during the 14-day required quarantine of the unit. It is times like these we realize what a great team we have here!

Have a great weekend!


Steve and Tiffany