Friday 6/19/20

Friday 6/19/20

Hello Everyone!

A special thanks to Commissioner St. James for helping to arrange an incredible seacoast EMS parade that we had here yesterday afternoon. There were 16 vehicles in the parade with full lights, sirens and horns blaring. Police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, etc. were all involved from many surrounding towns. It was fun for the residents and staff to be reminded how much the community supports us and knows what incredible work is going on to protect all of the residents/clients.

Covid tests keep coming back for assisted living residents, nursing home residents and staff. So far they all remain negative. We continue to thank each of you for your role in assuring that all infection control measures are followed every single day!

As you may have seen on the news, the State is allowing outdoor resident and family visits to start back up. We are working on a plan for this to be able to happen starting Monday July 6. Nursing is developing comprehensive policies for this and the courtyard will be set up to have 6 visiting stations. There are too many rules to mention but they include, multiple screenings of the family and resident, mandatory face masks at all times, only 2 family members for a max 1/2 hour visit, close supervision by the home, no family/resident touching or sharing of food, etc. We are working diligently to strike the balance of helping to reduce resident social isolation while assuring protection from Covid.

PPE Update:

Overall we are doing okay with all PPE. The one exception is gloves. We are working hard to acquire additional boxes of gloves to make sure we have an adequate supply.

Next Employee Testing Date June 25th and 26th:

We are strongly encouraging ALL staff be Covid tested on our next testing date which is Thursday 6/25 and Friday 6/26. Please remember we are asking ALL staff to participate in this testing as it will be offered every 10 days. The state recommends 100% participation from all staff and that is the standard RCRNC is looking to achieve. Tiffany, Meghan, and Lauren will be conducting the testing outside in lieu of the National Guard. The swabbing will be conducted via the anterior nares method which is less invasive and can be done quickly. Please sign-up with Lauren Kosow as soon as possible.

We hope you have a nice weekend. The weather looks amazing. Stay safe and for all the dads out there…”Happy Father’s Day!”


Steve and Tiffany