December 14, 2020

December 14, 2020

Rockingham County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (RCRNC) continues with Covid-19 outbreak testing, as directed by our regulatory agencies. Last week 100% staff and residents resulted in 100% negative tests! Today, we have completed our staff and resident testing again even Santa Claus came to get tested!

If this reports out 100% negative, we can open slowly again! What a great holiday gift that would be!

If we test negative, we go back to surveillance testing. Rockingham County is currently above 10% positivity which means all staff will have to be tested twice a week. Once the County goes below 5%, it is weekly. This is a moving target.

We have received updates regarding the vaccine. We are all anxious to get it! By getting the vaccine, this does not mean we will allow in-person visits or that we stop wearing masks and protective equipment. This is one small step in getting us to the point of visits ~ the more people get vaccinated, the sooner we can put this all behind us! Information will be going out to residents/families once we receive additional on vaccine availability. We may receive a day or two’s notice that is on its way to us, so please bear with us as we work to get you accurate information once it becomes available.

Continue to wear your mask any time you are outside of your home to decrease the local positivity and spread rate. This is what drives our ability to open for visits. Please also wear mask anytime you are with anyone who does not live in your home, family or otherwise. With the holidays upon us, as much as we want to see our extended families and friends, guidelines from the state continue to indicate we should visit only those who live in the home with us.

New Hampshire continues to have a 14-day quarantine travel requirement so be mindful of your travel. There is a new recommendation that you can ‘test-out’ of a travel quarantine, if you get a PCR (not antigen) Covid test on day 7-or later and the results are negative. This does not hold true to those who work in our nursing home, given the high risk our residents are at – ours remains 14 days with no test-out.

New Hampshire continues to have a nursing/LNA staffing crisis We continue to do everything we can to mitigate our staffing crunch. Our new Administrator, Jason Smith starts 12/28 and we are very excited to have him start. We continue to move forward in our search for a Director of Nursing.

This is an unprecedented time. Our employees have risen to the challenge. We can’t thank them enough and you, for understanding in that all that we do, we do to protect your loved ones, our staff, and the community.