September 14, 2020

Thank you for your continued work and dedication to our residents!

Updates follow but as a reminder, all are subject to change in a moment’s notice and based on current CDC/state guidelines.

Covid: Unfortunately, as a result of surveillance testing, we became of aware of a staff ‘cluster’ of Covid positives and have had to put these on hold. We still have one test outstanding, but from what has been reported to us, five staff members tested positive. This moves us back into a lower ‘phase’ of reopening and have had to stop many things, such as outdoor visits, communal dining, communal activities’ Letter have been sent to all resident responsible parties (be that the resident, or a DPOA/Guardian) and mailed to staff.

Sentinel Covid surveillance testing we believe will NOT take place next Sunday, but we will be required to now do outbreak testing, via the National Guard. We will have more on that today.

New Hampshire remains a 14-day quarantine state so be mindful of the travel policy.

Staff Development: CPR – Staff Development is looking at adjusting these classes due to the outbreak. If you are registered, and things change, someone will contact you.

The new pharmacy starting October 1st ‘Partner’s Pharmacy’.

Dress down (ok to wear jeans) Wednesday’s in September 9/16 (end of summer), 9/23 (welcome fall); 9/30 (Rockingham Pride Day- wear your shirt)

Flu Clinics start this week- please make every effort to get your vaccine. As a reminder, while we can’t mandate anyone to wear a mask when they are not working, we strongly encourage you to follow the CDC and state guidelines. We expected an uptick in cases with schools opening so please take extra precautions to maintain social distance, wear a mask, good hand washing, This protects you and our residents.

This is a challenging time and you are an amazing team. We have risen to the challenge and will continue to do so, together! Thank you for everything you do!

September 4, 2020

Lots to share this week

WOOHOOO- no more quarantine at this point in time! Thank you to D2 and all the departments that helped to get RCNC through the 2-week periods. All residents tested negative in this past round of testing. We continue to get staff results in, all negative thus far. If your test does result in a positive, you will be called and you will then need to follow-up with Occupation Health,

Updates follow but as a reminder, all are subject to change in a moment’s notice and based on current CDC/state guidelines.

  • Resident visits will resume Tuesday 9/8. These will remain outdoors only. It is the hope that we can continue outdoor visits through Columbus Day (aka Indigenous People Day). Social Services is working with Infection Prevention/Control and leadership to determine how to start inside visits, per state and CDC guidelines, once cold weather sets in. Once we know more, we will share information.
  • As part of resident visits, Universal Workers will be used to supplement Activities and Social Services staff. UWs play a vital role with outdoor visits. While they cannot sit in with a visit, due to privacy concerns. They monitor the clock, the surroundings, and are the eyes and ears when Activities/SS can’t be near a resident. Please make sure your residents are ready to go. At least 15-minutes prior to their scheduled family visit time.
  • Sentinel Covid surveillance testing will take place on Thursday 9/10/2020. Please help spread the word so that staff show up and get tested!!  When you see a tester on Thursday, let’s thank them for helping to keep us and our residents safe.
  • As a reminder, while we cannot enforce or monitor mask usage outside of the facility, we encourage all to wear masks when in public and to practice good hand hygiene.  With schools starting up, there is an uptick in cases. We wear masks to protect others, the vulnerable population we serve, our staff, and the community at large. 
  • Hairdressing will be started soon.
  • Podiatry and Dermatology visits start in September. The dentist is still on emergency basis only.
  • We are in the talking stages of the gym opening up and will have more information on this, as available.
  • Unit doors are now open and the snack bare reopening next week-with continued masks and social distancing.
  • Soup is coming back to the cafeteria. Unable to open back the salad bar at this time r/t cleaning process between utensil uses.

Staff Development: There are CPR courses coming up. Mandatory education starts next week for nurses/MNAs on our controlled substance. This will be one of our QAPI projects we are required to have, and they are good to have. QAPI is the merger of two approaches to quality management [(Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI)].

  • If there is a QA/PI idea you have or education need in general, please let us know.


  • Dress down (ok to wear jeans) Wednesday’s in September- 9/9 (tie-dye); 9/16 (Summer); 9/23 (welcome fall); 9/30 (Rockingham Pride Day- wear your shirt)
  • Start thinking abut your Pumpkin decorating skills…….

Finally…. Everyone is doing an amazing job during this challenging time – what a team we have!

August 28, 2020


THANK YOU cannot be said or shouted loud or often enough. Over the past 2-weeks, amidst of our Covid quarantine, we have witnessed amazing care and compassion. What stories we will have for our grandchildren and great grandchildren “I remember the great pandemic of 2020!” They will roll their eyes and say “not again….we have heard that story so many times before grammy/grandpa.” I am sure we can play that scenario over and over in our heads. When you do this reminiscing, remember fondly all the times you truly made a difference in someone’s life and of your work partners who were there with you ~ I feel privileged to be one of them!

Here some weekly updates:

  • Kudos to staff and to all the support staff who helped them through this challenging week.
  • Kudos to all the other units/support staff for helping across all units. You have managed to keep things running smoothly, almost without skipping a beat.

Resident visits (all) remain on hold, pending the second round of testing on 8/31/2020. Once results are available, discussion will ensure as to the next step of our phased reopening. Staff sentinel Covid surveillance testing will take place on Monday 8/31/2020. Please help spread the word so that staff show up and get tested!! 

While we cannot enforce or monitor mask usage outside of the facility, we encourage all to wear masks when in public and to practice good hand hygiene.  This is to protect the vulnerable population we serve, our staff, and the community at large. 

Staff Development: There are 2-CPR courses coming up. Please reach out if you have expired or soon to be expired. Education coming up on controlled substance process (aka narcotic count). If there is something you would like for education, please let us know.

Everyone is doing an amazing job working together during this challenging time and we are proud to be on this team with you! 

Thursday August 20, 2020

First, let’s start by saying THANK YOU! During this challenging time, the dedication and commitment you show to RCNC, your residents, and to our/your county is commendable.

We wanted to send an update on the current COVID-19 status. As many of you are aware, we were informed that one individual who had been in our facility tested positive for COVID-19.  Upon gaining the necessary information, we immedicably reached out to the NH DHHS for further guidance.  We were informed this is not considered a cluster or outbreak at this time, and they commended our efforts for on-going, good source control, stating that this entire scenario, based on the information provided, is of low-risk, though does still bear watching.  Thank you!

Any individuals who have been exposed or potentially exposed have already been contacted and the unit has been quarantined.  Please be mindful of the additional work placed on this unit and the need to provide additional resources, as able. We will do our best to limit staff (same staff). Staff have been educated on donning and doffing PPE. If at any time, you feel additional education is needed, please reach out to your assigned leadership member.

Food services has met with the manager and Covid team and has a plan and process in place for meal deliveries. Environmental Serves / Housekeeping has met as well with the manager and team and has a plan and process in place for enhanced cleaning, trash removal, and disinfection.

Activities have been altered to ensure the safety of all residents. Units not impacted directly will continue with activates on their units. Doors between units will return to closed status. Snack bar will be suspended at this time. Activities on all other units may continue, with the following guidelines: 

  • No mixing of residents from different units during communal activities
    • Residents must don masks and socially distance at least 6’ during activities
  • Communal dining may resume tomorrow (was halted today until all info was obtained and a plan was made) under the following conditions:
    • Residents must don a mask coming out to the dining room
    • Mask removed and placed on clean paper towel during eating.  Once done eating, resident must don mask again.
    • Tables MUST, MUST, MUST be disinfected after each resident is finished eating.  This is very important!
    • Staff dining – only 1 person per table

Resident visits (all) are placed on hold, through 8/31 (anticipated), in the best interest of all of those in our care. This is never an easy decision, but we have an obligation to all our resident’s safety and feel it is in their best interest at this time.  In light of this, the parking spots for resident visits may be temperately be used by staff.

Regular Sentinel Surveillance testing will continue as normal on Friday, 8/21/20.  It will be with anterior nares swabs, NOT the deep nasopharyngeal swabs.  Please help spread the word so that staff show up and get tested!!  Thanks to Sarah, Tamara and Stacy for helping to test on Friday! The entire resident population, on the unit potential directly impacted, will be tested with nasopharyngeal swabs by a mobile testing service that should be contacting me very soon.  Hoping for a Friday testing date.  From there, the CDC guidance is that the D2 residents will be tested every 7 days until they determine this is no longer needed. In addition, we continue with 10% of the remaining residents in the facility will still be tested Friday.

We will need to increase our COVID screening of all facility residents to every shift.  This is starting effective today, 3-11 shift and the supervisor has been made aware. BPs are only one needed time a day.  All other VS should be Q-shift.

Please help remind your staff that while we cannot enforce or monitor mask usage outside of the facility, we encourage all to wear masks when in public and to practice good hand hygiene.  This is to protect the vulnerable population we serve, our staff, and the community at large.

All residents/responsible parties will be receiving letters and Human Resources is working on another letter to staff.

If you have any concerns about your own health, as a reminder, to not come in if sick and reach out to Occupational Health early for guidance. Ext 9118.

Everyone is doing an amazing job working together on this for the well-being of the residents and staff.  We are proud to be on this team with you all! 


Another big week here at RCRNC! Outdoor visits are going wonderfully. Residents are enjoying seeing loved ones and staff are excited to see residents with smiles on their faces. Special thank you to social services, activities for their ongoing coordination, and for all the staff helping to make this happen This is not an easy task! Also, there are some reserved spaces for family members visiting, when you first enter the parking lot. Please be mindful and do not park in these spots during the day/evening shifts.

Residential dining areas have opened, with limited capacity are we are pleased to say it is going well. Residents are remaining socially distanced, we have opted, for the most part, not to use tablecloths due to the nature of the cleaning required, given the Covid environment. Important reminder that residents will don a mask while in transport to the dining area and upon completion of their meals. Residents are required to wash their hands, either by soap and water or antibacterial hand rub (ABHR), prior to the start of their meals and again at the completion of their meals. Staff must their own wash hands, in the same matter previously mentioned, in between each resident meal tray passed and also in-between each meal tray collected.

Regarding staff dining. We anticipate opening the back-dining area in the Water Tower Café, most likely mid next week. The same guideline holds true to the front area, 1-per table with cleaning in between.

Residents are now attending small group activities, on their individual units, and in the chapel. Residents cannot go between units to an activity not on their home unit. These activities must allow for at least 6 ft of social distance between residents and staff and all residents must be wearing a mask. If the resident removes the mask, it is the responsibility of staff to remind the resident to reapply the mask or assist the resident with reapplying.

Resident Snack Bar has reopened. Max capacity is six residents at a time and at least a 6ft social distance must be maintained at all time.

Doors between units have reopened and B2 Sunroom and the B1 Main Entrance seating areas have been re-opened to residents. Max capacity in the B2 sunroom is three residents and the max capacity of the B1 Main Entrance seating area is two residents. Housekeeping provides frequent disinfection of these two areas.

Next Covid testing date is 8/21 from 7a-3p in the Hilton Auditorium and everyone is encouraged to take part. We continue to test a percentage of residents routinely as well as symptomatic residents.  The state is fine-tuning its labs process which has created a backlog in getting test results. There are six test results remaining from last weeks.

Occupational Health will be preforming N95 fit testing on the units again on Monday (8/24) and Tuesday (8/25). She will be circulating around from 2pm-4pm. All clinical nursing staff are encouraged to be fit tested, however this is not mandatory. If you would like to be fit-tested and can not make one of these dates/times, please reach out to her to set-up a time ext 9118. As always, in any situation where a N95 mask is required, staff is and will continue to be provided one.

Given our current Phase 2 in reopening, services will continue to be gradual to return. We will be developing polices and process to help make sure we do this in a safe and thoughtful manner. We will not be starting indoor visits at this time or having the dentist come in, except in emergency situations. School is starting back up, and most likely there will a community/state uptick. Please continue to be diligent and wear masks when in a public setting and take part in our Covid testing. We continue to move forward as dictated by state and CDC guidelines and will update as we receive information.

You are all doing an amazing job during this challenging period, in light of staff vacations and Covid. This is a challenging environment and location for hiring of staff and we continue to actively look for new staff. If any of you have anyone to recommend, please send them our way!

Stay Well and please reach out to Human Resource or Donna Roe with any concerns.

Tuesday 8/4/20

Hello Everyone!

It was a big week here at RCRNC! On August 3rd we began our outdoor visitation with residents. It was a huge success! We loved to welcome back our families that we have missed over the past several months. Thank you Cheri and Jenn for facilitating these important visits. Also, we welcome back our medical providers and Erin Reddy to our facility this week as well.

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday August 5th we are opening the dining areas on each resident unit for lunch to allow for safe socially distanced dining. If all goes well with this, we will begin to incorporate breakfast next week. Small group activities and the chapel have also opened this week on a small scale to ensure it is done in a safe manner.

Last Thursday we conducted weekly COVID surveillance testing. All staff and residents that were tested were found to be negative. Testing will continue this week on Thursday August 6th. We ask all staff to participate.

The Watertower Cafe has reopened for staff dining on a limited basis. There is seating for 7 to allow for safe socially distanced dining. Please be aware of the tables being clearly marked as clean/dirty. Cleaning supplies are readily available to allow staff to clean their area after dining. Picnic tables have been setup by the smoking tent for staff dining as well.

RCRNC has received funds for the LTC stipend covering 7/5/20- 7/11/20 and are being processed for stipend payment for payment on 8/6/20.

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Please continue to stay healthy during this time.


Steve and Tiffany

Monday 7/27/20

Please be aware that the COVID testing that was originally scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday 7/28/20 will be moved to Thursday 7/30/20 starting at 7:00am.

Unfortunately the swabs that were mailed here have not yet arrived from Dartmouth Hitchcock. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sincerely, Steve

Wednesday 7/22/20

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that all results received back from the COVID testing this week so far have been negative. Assuming that they all come back negative we can begin to reopen our operation with many limitations.

We are planning to restart window visits on 7/27 and begin outdoor visits on 8/3, dependent of course on results of testing conducted Monday and Tuesday of this week. We are working on plans to slowly reopen some communal dining (with limitations assuring all residents are 6 feet across) as well. We also are working on restarting some group activities (again with numerous limitations).

Thanks to the Activities Department for bagging up all of the lovely chocolate donated to us by Lindt. Lindt wanted to say thanks to all of the amazing employees here that are so brave and are providing such incredible care to all of our residents and clients.

The next payment for the LTC stipend program from the State is going to occur on a miscellaneous pay run on 7/23. Payment will be made for weeks ending 6/20, 6/27 and 7/4.

PPE Update:

We have a strong amount of PPE at this time. We are always on the look out to build our supplies and be in the best position for the future.

Thanks to everyone for your continued hard work to keep us COVID free and take the very best and safest care of all of our residents and clients.


Steve and Tiffany

Friday 7/17/20

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder COVID testing continues on Monday July 20th and Tuesday July 21st. Resident testing will be on Monday and staff testing will be on Tuesday. To our valued staff members please make every effort to come to the Hilton and be tested. This is to continue to keep our residents, clients, and staff healthy and safe.

All of the residents/clients who were COVID tested on Monday July 13th have resulted negative. All of the staff results from the Monday COVID testing that we have received have been negative as well.

PPE Update:

Today we received a large amount of PPE from the Emergency Services Unit at the State. Several cases of disposable gowns, masks and gloves were brought to our facility. We continue to monitor our PPE closely.

Rockingham Strong shirts are in! They are being distributed throughout the facility to all staff. Please join us in celebrating our great team on Wednesday 7/22 and Sunday 7/26 by wearing your shirt and dressing down if you would like.

Special thanks to the team of Driscoll 2 who worked tirelessly during the 14-day required quarantine of the unit. It is times like these we realize what a great team we have here!

Have a great weekend!


Steve and Tiffany

Tuesday 7/14

Hello Everyone!

We completed another round of COVID testing for both our staff and residents. There was a great turnout by staff. We want to take the opportunity to thank all staff for continuing to participate in testing to keep our staff and residents safe.

Going forward it looks like we will have standard testing conducted in the Hilton on Monday and Tuesdays. This will allow staff to better plan for future testing dates.

We participated in a second surprise infection control survey by the State of New Hampshire. We are pleased to announce that we remain in full compliance with infection control policies and procedures. Great job everyone!


Steve and Tiffany