August 28, 2020

August 28, 2020


THANK YOU cannot be said or shouted loud or often enough. Over the past 2-weeks, amidst of our Covid quarantine, we have witnessed amazing care and compassion. What stories we will have for our grandchildren and great grandchildren “I remember the great pandemic of 2020!” They will roll their eyes and say “not again….we have heard that story so many times before grammy/grandpa.” I am sure we can play that scenario over and over in our heads. When you do this reminiscing, remember fondly all the times you truly made a difference in someone’s life and of your work partners who were there with you ~ I feel privileged to be one of them!

Here some weekly updates:

  • Kudos to staff and to all the support staff who helped them through this challenging week.
  • Kudos to all the other units/support staff for helping across all units. You have managed to keep things running smoothly, almost without skipping a beat.

Resident visits (all) remain on hold, pending the second round of testing on 8/31/2020. Once results are available, discussion will ensure as to the next step of our phased reopening. Staff sentinel Covid surveillance testing will take place on Monday 8/31/2020. Please help spread the word so that staff show up and get tested!! 

While we cannot enforce or monitor mask usage outside of the facility, we encourage all to wear masks when in public and to practice good hand hygiene.  This is to protect the vulnerable population we serve, our staff, and the community at large. 

Staff Development: There are 2-CPR courses coming up. Please reach out if you have expired or soon to be expired. Education coming up on controlled substance process (aka narcotic count). If there is something you would like for education, please let us know.

Everyone is doing an amazing job working together during this challenging time and we are proud to be on this team with you!