Thursday 4/23/20

Thursday 4/23/20

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to report that as of today we still do not have any Covid + staff or residents/clients. Approximately 100 long-term care employees were tested on Sunday and Monday. We are hoping for additional testing times to become available and will alert staff as soon as we hear.

Thank you to BeanTowne Coffee House located in Hampstead for delivering approximately 100 meals to our staff as a token of thanks for the incredible work being done by the front line staff here.

Lauren has developed an informative video regarding mask use, please click on the link below or look on the media tab within this blog to view it. Lauren has also developed a do’s and don’ts regarding proper mask wear and storage. There are flyers available at the nursing office and we will post it here as well. Great job Lauren!

PPE Mask Use

Kathi Hayes has come up with a great idea to give back to our community through a food drive as many people are out of work and may be having difficulties feeding their families. Over the next week please consider donating food items, boxes are located in the Hilton auditorium.

PPE Update

We continue to utilize our surgical masks at a record pace. Please be mindful of proper PPE usage as we want to ensure we have enough PPE as this pandemic continues. Currently we have over 7000 procedure masks, over 1000 N95s, 200 pairs of goggles and over 200 face shields. Thank you Stacy Lane and Kim Gauthier for calling local distributors for PPE donations. Gloves continue to be ordered as available and we have a large amount available.

Thank you all for your continued efforts and keeping positive despite the stressors we are all facing daily with this Covid pandemic. We will get through these challenging times together.


Steve and Tiffany