Another big week here at RCRNC! Outdoor visits are going wonderfully. Residents are enjoying seeing loved ones and staff are excited to see residents with smiles on their faces. Special thank you to social services, activities for their ongoing coordination, and for all the staff helping to make this happen This is not an easy task! Also, there are some reserved spaces for family members visiting, when you first enter the parking lot. Please be mindful and do not park in these spots during the day/evening shifts.

Residential dining areas have opened, with limited capacity are we are pleased to say it is going well. Residents are remaining socially distanced, we have opted, for the most part, not to use tablecloths due to the nature of the cleaning required, given the Covid environment. Important reminder that residents will don a mask while in transport to the dining area and upon completion of their meals. Residents are required to wash their hands, either by soap and water or antibacterial hand rub (ABHR), prior to the start of their meals and again at the completion of their meals. Staff must their own wash hands, in the same matter previously mentioned, in between each resident meal tray passed and also in-between each meal tray collected.

Regarding staff dining. We anticipate opening the back-dining area in the Water Tower Café, most likely mid next week. The same guideline holds true to the front area, 1-per table with cleaning in between.

Residents are now attending small group activities, on their individual units, and in the chapel. Residents cannot go between units to an activity not on their home unit. These activities must allow for at least 6 ft of social distance between residents and staff and all residents must be wearing a mask. If the resident removes the mask, it is the responsibility of staff to remind the resident to reapply the mask or assist the resident with reapplying.

Resident Snack Bar has reopened. Max capacity is six residents at a time and at least a 6ft social distance must be maintained at all time.

Doors between units have reopened and B2 Sunroom and the B1 Main Entrance seating areas have been re-opened to residents. Max capacity in the B2 sunroom is three residents and the max capacity of the B1 Main Entrance seating area is two residents. Housekeeping provides frequent disinfection of these two areas.

Next Covid testing date is 8/21 from 7a-3p in the Hilton Auditorium and everyone is encouraged to take part. We continue to test a percentage of residents routinely as well as symptomatic residents.  The state is fine-tuning its labs process which has created a backlog in getting test results. There are six test results remaining from last weeks.

Occupational Health will be preforming N95 fit testing on the units again on Monday (8/24) and Tuesday (8/25). She will be circulating around from 2pm-4pm. All clinical nursing staff are encouraged to be fit tested, however this is not mandatory. If you would like to be fit-tested and can not make one of these dates/times, please reach out to her to set-up a time ext 9118. As always, in any situation where a N95 mask is required, staff is and will continue to be provided one.

Given our current Phase 2 in reopening, services will continue to be gradual to return. We will be developing polices and process to help make sure we do this in a safe and thoughtful manner. We will not be starting indoor visits at this time or having the dentist come in, except in emergency situations. School is starting back up, and most likely there will a community/state uptick. Please continue to be diligent and wear masks when in a public setting and take part in our Covid testing. We continue to move forward as dictated by state and CDC guidelines and will update as we receive information.

You are all doing an amazing job during this challenging period, in light of staff vacations and Covid. This is a challenging environment and location for hiring of staff and we continue to actively look for new staff. If any of you have anyone to recommend, please send them our way!

Stay Well and please reach out to Human Resource or Donna Roe with any concerns.