August 30, 2021
Dear Residents, Families and Staff:
We are writing to provide you with an update from last week’s COVID-19 test results. During last week’s round of outbreak testing all residents were negative. However, a vaccinated staff member this past weekend tested positive. This staff member has no contact with any residents. Another vaccinated staff member’s test result was indeterminate, and they have re-tested and are awaiting results.
Per CMS and the NH DPH all staff and residents will continue with at least two more weeks of outbreak testing. Further testing requirements will depend on further positive cases.

Admissions are now reopened.

We do acknowledge that some visitors are necessary to resident well-being and continue with the following guidelines:

• One person should be designated for visitation.
• Visitation must be scheduled in advanced. Please call Dawn Messina, MSW 603-679-9381 or